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Brits Doing An American Accent

A successful English language student is one who has fun, so at American English University we are always looking for entertaining videos to share with our students around this world. We really like this video of Brits trying to impersonate an American accent. What do you think? Related posts: Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Training...
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How To Say I Love You

Are you a true romantic at heart who loves watching Love Actually everyday and reading romance novels in your free time? If you’re like me, then probably not. I prefer action movies and science fiction novels. Regardless, the phrase I love you is one of the most significant and important phrases to learn how to...
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How To Pronounce America

If you follow our English lessons here at American English University, chances are you have some interest in America or some aspect of American culture. Whether it’s the beautiful landscape, the bustling cities, or rich diversity here, America has a lot of opportunities to offer. What about America interests you most? The movie stars? The...
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How To Pronounce Quinoa

If you are into eating healthy, delicious foods like me, then you have most likely come across quinoa at some point in the past few years. Originating from South America, quinoa is a staple food in the diet of many South American cultures. It is high in protein and provides a lot of energy to...
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How To Pronounce Entrepreneurship

Together, we’ve already covered how to pronounce entrepreneur in American English, but today we are going to take it a step further and learn how to pronounce entrepreneurship! You have probably already figured out the entrepreneur is the root word here, which refers to someone who invests their money and creates new businesses for a...
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American English vs British English

If you have ever watched both an American-made movie and a British one, you probably picked up on some key differences between the way Americans and Britons speak. Americans have an accent to those living in the United Kingdom, and those of us living in the United States find the British accent rather endearing. While...
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